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Decking Chippenham, Frome, Bath & Local

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Decking Chippenham, Frome, Bath & Local Area

A raised outdoor deck is becoming an increasingly popular feature in the grounds of homes and commercial properties, blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor living and dining space.

Not only does a timber or low-maintenance composite deck lend itself well to a rustic garden landscape, but it is an extremely practical solution for those who want to make the most of the outdoors while keeping their feet dry in the notoriously wet UK climate.

Fencedeck has built beautiful decks of all shapes and sizes for numerous clients across north Wiltshire and around the city of Bath. All you need do is point out where you want your deck to be situated, and decide what materials you prefer, then you can leave the rest of the project in our very competent and experienced deck hands.

We’ll provide you with a top quality deck to your specifications and budget – complete with steps, railings, gates, edging, planters or any other features you may require.

The Benefits of Installing Decking

Installing a section of decking in your garden or grounds – large or small – brings a whole new dimension to your landscaping and a lot of benefits, such as:

  • A modern, attractive aesthetic that adds value to your property.
  • An ideal space for socialising, entertaining and relaxing.
  • A level, tidy space for al fresco dining.
  • Flexible placement – a deck can be sited anywhere on the grounds, beside or away from the building, to catch the sun, frame a view, in a private corner, or anywhere you fancy.
  • A deck, which is raised from the ground, can cover over any rough and ready patches or old concrete slabs, disguising any unsightly lumps and bumps without having to go to the expense and trouble of removing them.
  • A professional decking company can build a deck on an incline or sloping garden, levelling the area and making it usable.

Dream Decking Design

A deck is usually regarded as a “permitted development”, so planning permission is not needed unless the structure is more than 30cm above the ground and covers more than 50% of your garden. There are also some restrictions regarding privacy of the neighbours, adding a deck to a listed building or in a conservation area, and proximity to a highway. We can assist with all the rules and regulations if your dream decking design exceeds the criteria.

The Best Decking Materials

There’s a big selection of options available to choose from when it comes to decking materials, from natural timber to treated wood or composite/engineered decking that mimics real wood in appearance.

Your choice of decking materials is as much practical as it is personal, because each has its good and bad points.

Untreated hardwood decking, for example, is durable and gives a completely natural look, but is the most expensive option. Treated softwood decking is impregnated with chemicals, and needs ongoing regular treatment to keep it from deteriorating.

Probably the most popular choice is composite or engineered decking boards, which are manufactured by blending a mix of polymer resin and wood fibre. These are low-maintenance, resistant to algae, rot and splintering and non-slip.

When you decide to invest in a deck, we’ll happily talk you through the options and find a decking solution which suits your project and your budget.

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